Ladies Hair Transplantation

Problems with hair transplantation for women occur depending on the causes of hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that is more common in men than women. Hair loss occurs in a particular area in men, whereas women experience a general loss rather than in a particular area. This condition is considered especially hard for women in the society, and it can be associated with stress, psychological conditions, genetics, hormonal and metabolism problems, eating disorders or season changes. Before performing hair transplant for women, the cause of the situation and the reason behind this must be thoroughly investigated and determined. Determining the problem is an important matter in order not to experience hair transplant problems during the treatment.

How does hair transplant for women result in? Is hair transplant a definite solution?

Women may experience hair transplant problems depending on the causes of hair loss. For example, hair loss related to thyroid disorders or metabolism may not be completely over with hair transplant only. Therefore, the disease of the person must be treated first. The most convenient situation for hair transplant in women is the male-type hair loss called “Androgenic Hair Loss”. Hair transplant is a proper solution for women who experience hair loss due to such reasons. However, only after some tests beforehand such as the ones determining the total testosterone level, the situation would become definite. Otherwise, there might be problems with hair transplant for women.

How Do Problems with Hair Transplant for Women Occur?

Certain examinations are performed in order to minimize problems with hair transplant for women and their causes. After physical examinations which are an important criterion, hair transplant yields in successful results with women who do not have hair loss in the donor area rather than the front and middle. However, there problems might occur with hair transplant for women who have thyroid disorders. Because women with thyroid disorders experience thinning and hair loss not only in the front and middle but also in the donor area. That means the hair transplant will not result positively

One of the problems we can include in the topic of problems with hair transplant for women is the price. Since the operation for women is done without shaving of the hair, it is more complicated and the price per graft is higher. So, hair transplant process cost more for women than it does for men.

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