Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a method of reviving the blood flow that nourish the hair follicles in order to revitalize the hair. It is the ideal solution for hair loss, hair damages, split hair and unhealthy hair.

Factors such as vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, frequent diet, hormone disorders, disorder the health of the hair. If the vitamins and minerals needed for hair and bones are not provided, hair quality will deteriorate. As a consequence of this, hair loss happens. With hair mesotherapy, required minerals and vitamins reach the hair follicles.  Also whatever the cause of hair loss is, hair mesotherapy certainly ends the hair loss.

How is hair mesotherapy procedure performed?

Hair mesotherapy is carried out by injecting a special liquid prepared with vitamins under the scalp with needles. Thus, the hair becomes healthy as all the minerals that the hair needs reach the hair follicles. This liquid contains zinc, amino acids, B group vitamins and magnesium. The effects of this content on the hair are confirmed by tests.

There is no pain during the process of applying liquid to the hair follicles. It is applied 2-4 mm below the skin.

Harms and Side effects of hair mesotherapy

No side effects of hair mesotherapy have been identified. Individuals who are allergic to substances contained in the liquid should be taken separately. In addition, patients with cancer, chronic illnesses, pregnant women, women on menstrual days and breastfeeding mothers should consider this process. The relevant specialist must be informed.

This application by beauticians should not perform this methods, specialist doctor is required. Other health problems should be reported to the specialist before the operation. Specialist should determine whether the person can have the mesotherapy or not. Otherwise, instead of having healthy hair, you may have health problems.

How many sessions should be performed?

The number of sessions in the hair mesotherapy process varies from person to person. The number of sessions differs according to hair quality, strands and skin damage. In some cases it may be necessary to have 4 sessions and in some cases 10 hours.

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