Hair Mesotherapy In Scars And Burnt Areas

Today, hair transplantation is often preferred for aesthetic purposes. Hair transplantation is performed to obtain a thicker and denser hair appearance. These generally successful procedures should be performed by specialists in special aesthetic centers or clinics. Although it is mostly carried out for aesthetic purposes, it can sometimes be performed to cover the scars or burnt areas on your scalp. This process is carried out in the same way as normal hair transplantation, but because it is performed on the scar, it needs much more attention. In this article, we have explained how to perform these operations, you can find them below.

is hair mesotherapy in scars and burnt areas performed?

Scars and burns on the scalp can’t be destroyed but it is possible to be covered completely by hair mesotherapy. Hair follicles transplanted on the scar starts growing and as it grows, the scar begins to disappear and then it can’t be seen. So let’s have a look at the important points of this procedure.

  • Here, as in other hair transplantation process, healthy hair follicles are firstly obtained. Healthy hair follicle is obtained from beards or hair follicles on the nape and neck. In practice, the process is as follows. By placing healthy hair follicles in the balding part, the hair transplantation process is completed.
  • What is important here and the most important thing to do is to resuscitate the dead cells because follicle is transplanted. Before transplanting follicles, living stem cell must be placed under the scar and dead cell must be revived. In this step, PRP or Organic Hair injection can be performed.
  • Stem cells are collected with a flat and sharp injector and then they are placed again in the same way they are collected. Sterility should also be taken into account when collecting and placing stem cells. Because of direct skin integrity and intracellular intervention, the risk of infection is much higher.
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