FUE Micromotor

FUE Micromotor

FUE Micromotor method, which has been revolutionary for the hair transplant operations, is preferred frequently by doctors in the recent years. FUE method can be applied manually or using a micromotor. However, manual option is not preferred as much since the number of grafts collected with the micromotor is higher. FUE micromotor allows the graft collecting process to be faster, meaning the hair transplant process is shorter. In addition, the results are more successful as more hair follicles are obtained compared to other methods of hair transplant.

How is the Hair Transplant Operation with FUE Micromotor performed?

Micromotor method in hair transplantation is preferred quite a lot by doctors as the rate of success is high. The thickness of the punches attached at the end of the micromotor is between 0,06-0,09 mm depending on the thickness of the hair. It also has very sharp ends. This is to minimize the damage to the surrounding tissue while collecting hair follicles. Collected grafts, namely the hair follicles are transferred to the area where the hair transplant would be. They need to adapt the area by nourishing, with a method called diffusion. Hair follicles are planted into the grafts which have adapted. However, hair follicles cannot grow in all of the collected grafts.

The patient is locally anesthetized before the operation and does not feel pain during the process. Mild pain can be experienced after the operation. However, this period is not as painful as it would be with the old hair transplant methods. After that, the patient must make sure the hair follicles get stronger by paying attention to nutrition and care. The rate of success of the operation can be increased by the attention of both the doctor and the patient.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE Micromotor Method?

The biggest advantage of FUE micromotor method is that the number of collected grafts are high. That way, more successful results can be obtained with the hair transplant operations. In addition, it shortens the operation period and minimizes the post operation pain. It is an easier method to apply for the doctors, but it takes utmost diligence. Therefore, it is important that the doctor is experienced and works in hygienic conditions. Otherwise, the doctor might damage the follicles might or cause infection, as well as damaging the donor tissue while collecting grafts. That is why the doctor needs to be well educated.

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