Beard Mustach Transplant

How is beard transplantation performed?

The method of beard transplantation is a medical intervention that is chosen by people whose beard grows less or because of various health problems. Especially with the developing technology and successful results in hair transplantation, people have a demand for beard transplantation.

There are some issues needed to be determined before starting the beard transplantation process.

First, it is necessary to determine the size of the area which will be transplanted, the amount of beard that will be transplanted, in which angles the beard will be transplanted on the face area of ​​the person and the doctor should examine them in a plan. After this planning process is done, the doctor who will carry out the process marks the area where the beard transplantation will be carried out in your face and records this information in computer environment. The cause of this procedure is technology. The person who will have the beard transplantation is able to see clearly how his face will look after the transplanting process thanks to his data transferred to the computer environment..

What are the beard transplantation methods and what happens after the procedure?

Developing technology also affects the medical field. There are various techniques for beard transplantation and procedures of beard aesthetics. There are two leading procedures which are FUT and FUE procedures. These two preferred procedures are differs from each other. FUE method is more preferred than FUT. Because with the FUT method hairs grow only in one direction so people tend to have FUE method which enables hairs grow in proper angles.

There is absolutely no scar on the faces of the people after the beard transplantation process.

After the procedure, only red blood spots formed by needles can be seen. These spots will disappear after you have bath. For nourishment of transplanted hairs, blood build up happens and minimal red spots occur. Your beard will grow without any problems after 4-8 months.

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